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Canada Pooch Alaskan Army Parka

Winter can sometimes hinder our sense of adventure due to frigid temperatures. Keeping our dogs warm and protected from nature’s elements is extremely important. Although Farley has a double coat and labs usually fair well in colder temperatures, she gets cold very quickly. We have had to cut our winter outings short due to a shivering, whimpering, and paw lifting dog. That’s why we were so excited when we were given the opportunity to test out Canada Pooch’s Alaskan Army Parka. We used the jacket through wooded trails, the dog park, and inner city walks.
We tested the jacket in temperatures ranging from -10C to -36C.

When we first saw the Alaskan Army Parka online, we were immediately drawn to the colour. Oftentimes colours appear different in pictures than in person, however Canada Pooch nailed this one! The colour is just as luxurious and stunning in person. The jacket is made of a water-resistant canvas shield, which is ideal for wet snow conditions. Farley wore the jacket during our fluctuating winter temperatures, which created a lot of wet snow. The outer shell remained completely dry, which left us very impressed. The outer shell appears to be a lot more durable than most fabrics, allowing for plenty of romping, wrestling, and running through brush without any damage to the jacket. The one downfall of a thicker canvas shell is the jacket tended to lift on the lower back when Farley leaned forward. Once we realized the toggle on the bottom was able to tighten the fit, it eliminated any future lifting.

The jacket is lined with Sherpa fabric, which did absorb minimal moisture when the bottom of the jacket lifted. Once tightened, it did prevent snow from going between Farley’s back and the jacket and held a nice snug fit. It also consists of faux-down filling to help increase the level of warmth the jacket is able to provide. After being outside in the cold for long periods, Farley’s body that was covered by the jacket was warm to the touch. There was minimal cold air that was able to enter through the large leg openings, although the snug body seemed to prevent the air from circulating beneath the parka. For a dog that often struggles to remain outdoors in cold temperatures, she didn’t shiver or whimper while wearing the Alaskan Army Parka.

There are two fashionable but function pockets on the back of the jacket, which are perfect for stashing a few extra poop bags for your adventure. There is an opening just beneath the hood for a leash. It is advertised as a slit for either a collar or harness attachment, although we do believe it is too high up for most harnesses. Like most jackets, front clip harnesses are not accommodated while wearing a jacket. The jacket has two long Velcro strips on the chest to close the jacket. While this can be great in theory, it does limit how much the jacket can be adjusted to tailor to your dog’s body type and can be difficult to align properly.

The jacket is available in three different colours with sizes varying from 10 to 26 or 5-65lbs. We measure Farley’s back length from withers to base of tail and in a few other brands she has consistently been a size 20. Based on Farley’s back length, she should fit a size 20W, but she is out of the weight range so Canada Pooch and fellow friends recommended we size up to a 24. Farley is muscular, but does not have an overly broad chest compared to other dog breeds. Even though we did size up, the 24 fits snug and the leg holes did cut into her armpits but left a large opening behind her leg for cold air to sneak in. The length of the jacket does appear accurate, as it is a bit long on Farley due to sizing up, although the size 20 would have been way too small for her chest girth. From talking to our friends, it does appear that sizing up is recommended for most dogs. It would have been more helpful if Canada Pooch had a size chart based on back length and chest girth than based on back length and weight. Two dogs that weigh the same can have very different body shapes. Because of this, sometimes Canada Pooch’s weight recommendations are off. We recommend trying it on in store if you can just to make sure that the size is right for your pup.

Despite Farley wearing this jacket while wrestling with her favourite friends, there has been zero damage done to the jacket. It has been put through the wringer in the time we’ve had it and still looks as good as the day we opened the package. The canvas shell has held up beautifully to teeth, brush, and many harsh elements without showing any signs of wear. Having a light coloured dog and a dark coloured jacket means that fur easily shows on the outer canvas. The fur came off easily in the washer and the jacket looked good as new after hanging to dry, The Velcro held up well and hasn’t lifted along the edges like our other jackets have after minimal use.

It can be difficult to know which jacket to get for your dog, as there are so many options on the market. Finding one that best suits your dog’s needs and fits properly can be a big challenge. The Canada Pooch Alaskan Army Parka is a great well-rounded jacket that provides warmth along with functionality and fashion. It won’t take long for you to fall in love with this product like we did. The canvas shell and Sherpa lining create a durable but warm jacket for your canine friend. The price point is extremely justifiable for the product you receive.

The Canada Pooch Alaskan Army Parka would work best for: Dogs who need extra warmth but tolerate cold temperatures well, dogs who are rough on their gear and need something durable, those looking for a well-rounded product at an affordable price point

The Canada Pooch Alaskan Army Parka may not be ideal for: Dogs with a broad chest, dogs who need a fully waterproof jacket, dogs who need extreme warmth

Farley’s measurements: Girth 27.5″ / Back Length 20″ / Weight 50 lbs

Alaskan Army Parka Size: 24

Review by: Dogs That Hike Explorer @farley_the_labrador

Product from: @canadapooch /

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