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EzyDog Element Jacket

If you’re looking for a jacket for your dog that is windproof, waterproof, and rugged, the EzyDog Element Jacket could be what you’re looking for. 

The redesigned Element Jacket from EzyDog comes ready to protect your dog from rain, wind, and cold, while also providing visibility with bright colors and reflective piping.

Photo credit: Cait Clawson @redfordtheredheeler

The Element jacket is somewhat of a hard-shell that is made with 600 denier material. Denier is a unit of measurement used to qualify a fiber’s thickness and thus its sturdiness. For example, clothing is usually around 40 – 80 denier, while backpacks and tents can range from 100 – 600. The Element Jacket is made with 600 denier fabric so there’s no denying that it will withstand some pretty heavy wear and tear. Not to mention it’s windproof and has a non-piling fleece inner lining to keep your dog cozy in cool temperatures. 

EzyDog doesn’t state on their website what material is used in the construction of the jacket, but they say that it’s waterproof. The top/outer-shell of the jacket will shed rain and moisture, but because of the cut of this jacket there’s nothing stopping rain from getting through the neck and arm openings underneath the jacket, so I’m not sure this would be my first choice for an outing in an absolute downpour. The zipper on the back of the jacket is also waterproof and allows for clipping into a harness if one is worn underneath the jacket. EzyDog mentions that you can also clip into a collar through this zippered opening, but I found (with Redford, at least) that the neck of this jacket is cut too far down the neck and clipping to a collar through the zippered opening would be unnecessary and awkward – a collar would normally sit above the neck opening of this jacket. 

Photo credit: Cait Clawson @redfordtheredheeler

I tried this jacket out on a few outings with Redford. One was in some light rain. The Element performed well, keeping Redford dry and warm. The other two adventures involved much colder temperatures and varying levels of snow.

For running around on already packed-down snow trails this jacket was perfect. It kept Redford warm and protected from the elements while also keeping him visible. We have the jacket in Orange and while it is visible, the color is not neon or garish. The angled panels of grey fabric on the jacket add some contrast and aesthetic refinement. 

The adjustable buckles on either side of the ribcage are placed over the top panel of fabric making it more comfortable for the dog. The webbing that goes under the ribcage is elastic and also adjustable through the buckle. I know that the elastic webbing provides more freedom of movement, but I would have preferred non-elastic webbing as it’s more secure and doesn’t degrade as quickly as elastic when exposed to extreme temperatures and varying levels of humidity. They could have added another “Neo-Xpand” panel near the buckles as they did around the neckline. Redford likes to roll around on the ground and on one occasion the elastic webbing near the buckles stretched and allowed the jacket to twist around the side of his ribcage and got him tangled in the jacket. I don’t think this is a factor that a designer would normally think of, but it was something that I noticed while Redford was wearing it.

Photo credit: Cait Clawson @redfordtheredheeler

The Element is long and covered Redford’s entire back. EzyDog has designed the back so that it curves in on the top, which I’m assuming is to allow more freedom of movement for dogs with long/big tails. The material of this jacket is pretty stiff, so when Redford bent his back, the jacket did not follow. This leads to a funny back-flap wing situation that, if it were raining or snowing, would allow for the dog’s lower back and rump to get wet. Having used other jackets that cover the back and rump, this problem could be rectified by a small elastic strap that goes under the dog’s back legs that would hold the back end flush with their rump. 

Photo credit: Cait Clawson @redfordtheredheeler

The Element Jacket could take on most outdoor adventures, but I’m not convinced it can handle deep snow. The dog’s back is protected from falling snow but when walking through snow we enountered some problems. 

On one of our adventures, Redford was making tracks through some very fresh and deep snow. Because the jacket is not very snug against his neck and chest, it allowed snow into the front chest panel by way of the neck and arm openings. The snow then started to melt from his body heat and then re-froze from the cold making icy snowballs that clung to the inner fleece lining of the jacket. While not all dogs will face deep powder on their winter adventures, it is something that this jacket isn’t built for.

That being said, this is an all-around durable and good-for-the-money jacket. It’s mid-range price makes it accessible to most and it will last for a long time. If you’re looking for a jacket to keep your dog warm in extremely cold temperatures or protect your dogs underside from mud, snow, and wetness, then I’d probably keep looking. But, if you’re looking for a warm jacket that protects your canine companion from rain, falling snow, and wind then this might be your jacket.

Photo credit: Cait Clawson @redfordtheredheeler

The EzyDog Element Jacket would work best for: variety of dog sizes, shapes, and breeds in cool temperatures, windy conditions, falling rain and snow.

The EzyDog Element Jacket may not be ideal for: Full body coverage, especially belly. Dogs with very short hair or that are needing extreme warmth. Dogs exploring deep powder

Redford’s measurements:  Girth 27″ / Back Length 19″/ Weight 47 lbs

Element Jacket size: Medium

Review by: Dogs That Hike Explorer @redfordtheredheeler

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