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Hurtta Extreme Overall

If you have a winter-loving dog like Delilah, then you should consider adding Hurtta America’s new Extreme Overall to your dog’s gear collection. We spend a lot of time outdoors in the winter so I was excited to get my hands on this. I knew the quality would be impressive since Hurtta’s craft in their products is top-notch. They truly know how to make excellent products for dogs.

We were already familiar with Hurtta’s Extreme Warmer and Body Warmer and I like to think of the Extreme Overall as the best of both of these products combined in one. One improvement on the Extreme Overall over the Body Warmer is the addition of snaps on the leg cuffs for extra protection against the wind and cold. Another improvement is the upgraded cord lock system – Hurtta switched from a hard plastic cord lock to a soft rubber system that is built into the coat. As part of this change, the back length adjuster is now placed inconspicuously inside of the overall. It is unique and a great solution. In the past I have experienced hard plastic cord locks breaking due to your dog brushing up too hard against something so this is a welcome change for us.

Photo credit: Resa DeBeaumont @alwayswandertogether

Compared to the Extreme Warmer, Hurtta has upgraded their 3M safety reflective strips and shapes to provide more coverage. For low light situations there are reflective strips located on the front legs and reflective stadium shaped ovals start where the coat meets the top of your dog’s tail.

Hurtta has leash opening where you can attach your dog’s leash to their harness. The opening also does have snaps to secure the space if you do not want to use it. The overall’s interior is lined with a foil liner to reflect your dog’s body heat to keep them warm. There is a drawcord on top of the coat between the shoulder blades to cinch the upper part together, so it’s more fitted. Another unique feature is the use of a diagonal zipper on the right side to keep it on snug against your dog but still provide flexibility. The zipper also has a reflective pull tab.

Photo credit: Resa DeBeaumont @alwayswandertogether

Currently the Extreme Overall is currently available in one color, Blackberry. The exterior material is wind-proof and a waterproof laminated material that is waterproof up to 10,000mm. This is a significant upgrade over the old Extreme Warmer which was only water resistant up to 3,000mm.

Similar to the Extreme Warmer the Extreme Overall has a snood (also known as a neck gaiter) to protect against snow and wind. Not only can the snood be worn around the neck, but the ears too. Many dogs who are sensitive to the cold and wind find this to be valuable for protecting ears in extreme weather. Ears are one of the most common places for dogs to experience frostbite so having an option to protect them is a huge bonus. The snood comes equipped with an adjustable drawcord to secure it in place.

Photo credit: Resa DeBeaumont @alwayswandertogether

What I love most about this overall is you that have two great Hurtta products in one. As it is a full body suit, it takes me less time to dress Delilah. But it gives me peace of mind to know that not only are her large muscle groups insulated but that she has protection for the abdominal region, the chest and legs. It is always a good idea to get familiar first with a new product, so you know exactly how to dress your dog. Delilah is used to wearing gear and has associated getting dressed as adventure time.

Delilah wore the overall in various environmental settings: brisk and snowy walks and snowshoeing. While on our walks around, I took a moment to check the warmth inside her overall. I instantly felt how her body heat was retaining inside due to the foil liner. The warmth inside the overall was consistent each time we would go on our daily walk.

Photo credit: Resa DeBeaumont @alwayswandertogether

Delilah can be a little bit wild when we are out adventuring and we were pleased to see that it didn’t restrict her movement. While snowshoeing in deep snow we did notice that her back right leg would somehow get loose from the overall. We adjusted the leg cuffs to ensure that they were secure but we still experienced her leg popping out from time to time. As well, while the overall fits her well we did notice some snow made its way into the cuffs. We have heard that other users have had a success with layering long boots overtop, slightly rolling the cuffs or using a product like vet wrap to secure things. We will continue to use the overalls and try different suggestions and adjustments on our future adventures.

Photo credit: Resa DeBeaumont @alwayswandertogether

Overall, the Extreme Overall performed really well in cold conditions and kept Delilah warm. It is easy to put on, which is a significant bonus. Since the exterior material has a waterproof coating, it does dry fast. However, when the snow was collecting around the leg cuffs, it took longer to dry since the foil liner material was wet. The overall packs down like a puffy human jacket and is nice and lightweight. It is ideal for cold conditions where temperatures are below 50 degrees Fahrenheit / 10 degrees Celsius.

Delilah’s Measurements: Girth 28″ / Back Length 22″ / Weight 46 lbs

Hurtta Extreme Overall Size: 22M/55M

Review by: Dogs That Hike Ambassador @alwayswandertogether

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