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Kurgo Loft Dog Coat

The Loft Dog Coat we received from Kurgo is a great option for any outdoor adventure with your dog from crisp morning walks to snowy mountain hiking. You might ask, what makes this jacket stand out?  My favorite part about the coat is that it’s easy! It’s often hard to get an excited dog ready to go outside when they can’t sit still. This jacket is practically effortless to get on and off. The Velcro on the tummy strap is not only easy to get on and off but it makes for a more customizable fit.

For a handicapable dog like Oliver, I want something that’s going to be form fitting and sleek against his body as to not get snagged on things or impair his already limited mobility. I also try not to add extra weight on my dog because of his three-leggedness. We try to keep him thin and adding 2-3 lbs of clothing on cold days will only bring him down. The fact that this jacket isn’t fleece lined may seem like a negative but to me it’s great because it won’t get heavy with snowballs stuck to it, like fleece often does.

Photo credit: @oliverthetripawd

Because it is a lightweight quilted jacket, I would recommend layering this jacket with an underlayer if you are going to be spending time in very cold, winter climates or if your dog is very sensitive to the cold. This jacket is perfect for crisp, dry winter days in the lower 30-40 degrees Fahrenheit but can probably do well in even colder weather if your dog is hiking or moving a lot. One important thing to keep in mind that this jacket isn’t waterproof, so it would not be suitable for freezing rain or wet snow play.

Another well-thought-out feature of this jacket is the zipper on the upper back. At first, I thought this was a pocket but quickly realized it’s much better than that. It’s a zipper than has two zipper pulls on it so you can open it up like a little window and attach your leash to your dog’s harness. The two zippers makes it so that the whole length of the zipper doesn’t need to open letting snow, wind and water in. It only needs to be open as much as the harness needs. There is nothing worse than having a favorite harness that you can’t use with a jacket. This solves this issue.

I also love that this coat is reversible – it’s like two colors for the price of one!  Kurgo offers 5 options for colors for this jacket and they’re all reversible.  It makes it super handy for those who like to change their colors with the season. Want an orange vest for hunting season but don’t always want your dog to look like a traffic cone? There’s a blue/orange reversible coat for you!

Photo credit: @oliverthetripawd

When we looked into the cost of dog coats we found a huge range.  Kurgo fits right in the middle and is probably one of the most reasonably priced coat I’ve seen.  Often the concern is that “you get what you pay for” but this coat is definitely worth more than it costs.  Not only is this a reasonable price, there is a lifetime warranty for all Kurgo products.

Lastly, for the dog that likes to get messy Kurgo has you covered – it is machine washable.  No one wants a dog product that has to be handwashed, there’s just no time for that.  But it’s also nice to not have funky smelling gear.  Just toss this in the washer and you’re good to go!

My only grievance with this jacket is, I wish there was more “booty coverage”. Just like bathing suit shopping, this can be tricky with jackets because not all dogs are alike. Oliver has a long torso and I wish this jacket covered up more of his hind end. Sizing up would provide him with a longer coat but then it wouldn’t be as good of a fit and it would be a bit heavier on his frame.

Overall, this is our new go-to jacket and we can’t wait to try it out in the snow!

Review by: Dogs That Hike Explorer @oliverthetripawd

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