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PLAY Outdoor Chill Pad

I spend a lot of time on a camping trip picking stuff out of Breezy’s hair. It can be extra frustrating when most of that debris is picked up not on the trails, but at camp. Having a bed for Breezy to relax on at camp is a game changer, and the Outdoor Chill Pad by P.L.A.Y. makes a perfect lightweight, pack-able option. I spend way less time pruning for foxtails and as a nice bonus, less time wondering where she’s at.  I’ve given her such a comfy spot, I know exactly where she’ll be.

Photo credit: Julianne Dome @breeze.e.bear

The outer fabric of the Outdoor Chill Pad is 600 Denier polyester and very durable. This fabric is commonly used in camping supplies, luggage and backpacks, so its strength has been well tested against regular use, abrasions, and normal wear. The Outdoor Chill Pad is also waterproof, which was definitely a handy feature on our most recent backpacking trip. Its great not to worry about setting it on the wet ground and simply being able to quickly towel it off when it did get wet. It’s waterproofing also came in handy when I gave Breezy a chew bone, very easy to clean up the drooly mess!

The filler in this bed is high-loft PlanetFill filler. It took me a few minutes of Googling to realize that this filler is actually something P.L.A.Y. created by using recycled plastic bottles. How cool is that! The Outdoor Chill Pad I have for Breezy is filled with 6 recycled bottles. As a person who likes to spend time outdoors, (with dogs, duh!) I love when companies are proactive about helping the environment and minimizing our landfill impact. I hope PlanetFill filler is embraced beyond the P.L.A.Y. line of products because it really is a high quality material. The loft on the bed is quite nice for its slim design and it does a great job insulating from the ground as well! Eco-friendly, resilient, lightweight, and functional, this filler really elevates this product to another level.

Photo credit: Julianne Dome @breeze.e.bear

One of the huge highlights of this mat for me is how lightweight it is. At 0.86 lbs (size Small), this bed is a perfect add on for both camping and backpacking trips. It also has a handle, making it super convenient to carry by hand. It rolls up very efficiently but doesn’t compress much with the current straps. If you needed to, you could compress the pad even further by using your own straps. Could be a nice feature to see in a redesign, but as it is, it’s certainly compact enough to strap to a backpack without a worry. The size Small is 24”x18” and rolls up to about 4”x18”.

The Outdoor Chill Pad currently comes in two patterns, Mocha and Vanilla. Breezy is reclining on the Mocha design. These designs are both very unique and eye catching. The colors are also very bright and haven’t faded at all through its use. It would be nice to see a few more design options for this pad. They’ve got some really nice looking patterns in their other beds, and hopefully a few of those will trickle down to the Outdoor Chill Pad eventually. As a minimalist, it would also be nice to have at least one solid option in there as well.

Another nice feature about this bed is its machine washable. I haven’t had to test out this function yet because, well, the bed has stayed so dang clean just by wiping and shaking it off! Other than the velcro which is quite small, there is nothing on this bed that catches dirt or debris. The stitching is super fine and tight on the fabric, so I didn’t have any trouble with dirt and debris getting caught in any of the seams or snagging any of the treading. One day I’ll toss it in the wash I’m sure, but its nice to know that mostly, I wont have to.

Photo credit: Julianne Dome @breeze.e.bear

Overall, I am super pleased with the Outdoor Chill Pad by P.L.A.Y. It is comfortable, versatile and durable. As both a spot to relax in at camp and as a sleeping pad protecting against the ground during chilly nights, this bed performed perfectly.

The Outdoor Chill Pad would be best for: those looking for a lightweight but durable option for camping or backpacking, dogs in need of a little insulation from the ground, those who prefer eco friendly products

The Outdoor Chill Pad may not be ideal for: those looking for an bed that packs down very small

Breezy’s Measurements: Girth 21″ / Back Length 16″ / Weight 21 lbs

P.L.A.Y. Outdoor Chill Pad Size: Small

Review by: Dogs That Hike Explorer @breeze.e.bear

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