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Wilderdog Sleeping Bag

Last year was the first time we camped multiple times and I quickly realized that a dog sleeping bag would be very useful for our adventures, so I was thrilled when Dogs That Hike asked us if we wanted to test out Wilderdog’s sleeping bag!

Tansy and Crockett both like to crawl into my sleeping bag at night and while one dog in my sleeping bag works OK, two certainly doesn’t! While camping last season I also realized that the pups needed something they could feel “safe” in while around the campfire at night.  Both Tansy and Crockett have a hard time settling unless they are enclosed and the Wilderdog sleeping bag worked perfectly for this! Crockett claimed it as soon as the sun went down and didn’t budge from his spot next to the campfire until I called him over to the tent for the night.

The Wilderdog sleeping bag retails for $49 and comes in one color, a blue outer shell with a grey lining. The outer shell is made of a rip-stop nylon, making it easy to wipe clean and is water-resistant. The lining is a poly blend and Wilderdog uses a synthetic filling inside.

Photo credit: @tansypup

While we used the bag a number of times, it did not get dirty enough to need a wash just yet.  I reached out to Wilderdog to understand the cleaning process and they confirmed that it is machine washable and hang-to-dry. The sleeping bag also has two loops sewn in to assist with drying.

It is a bit fluffier than other dog sleeping bags I have seen, particularly the front bottom of the bag which has a generous amount of filling to act as a pillow (and my dogs do seem to truly appreciate it!) This bag is great for dogs who prefer a bit of a fluffier bed, however, it does make it on the bulky side.

The sleeping bag weighs in at 29 ounces and comes with a stuff sack made of the same water-resistant rip-stop as the outer layer. The stuff sack also features a strap on it for easy carrying. When in the stuff sack, the bag measures 16″ x 10”. Great for car camping, but for backpacking you might want to look into a sleeping bag that compresses more.

Photo credit: @tansypup

The Wilderdog sleeping bag comes in one size, 36” x 28”. I think most dogs would fit into it when curled up but bigger dogs might have trouble getting in easily without it being partially unzipped. Crockett and Tansy who weigh about 20 pounds, both can get in on their own and easily walk into if I hold the top half up for them. They have plenty of room once inside and could likely fit in it together if Tansy enjoyed cuddling.

However, I would love to see this bag made in a couple other sizes as it is probably overkill for extra small dogs and might not fit the extra large ones.

The bag can be unzipped 3/4 of the way which is great for us when we want to spread it out for both dogs to lay on.  I have also unzipped it and used it as a blanket for Tansy when it is a little too warm for her to be in the sleeping bag fully. At the top of the zipper is a velcro strap to help prevent it from accidentally unzipping.

We tested this bag while camping on a rainy weekend with lows in the upper 50s (F). Crockett gets cold easily, especially when damp, and he was very comfortable inside the bag. The bag was a little too warm for Tansy but was great for her unzipped as a blanket.  All dogs handle the cold/hot differently, so it is important to read your dog when using it and adjust accordingly. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to test this bag out in cold temperatures, yet. I would anticipate a ground pad possibly being needed for extra cold temperatures and possibly a jacket.

Overall, we love this sleeping bag and will continue to bring it on all of our camping trips! Tansy and Crockett use the bag both in the house and while camping and it has made a world of difference when asking them to settle around the campfire at night.

The Wilderdog Sleeping Bag is best for: car-camping, moderate temperatures, dogs who like to burrow, dogs who are new to sleeping bags

The Wilderdog Sleeping Bag may not be ideal for: XS dogs, XL dogs, backpacking, extreme cold (depending on the dog)

Crockett measurements: Girth 19.5″ / Back Length 17″ / 20 lbs

Tansy measurements: Girth 20″ / Back Length 15.5″ / 20 lbs

Sleeping Bag size: One size

Review by: Dogs That Hike Explorer @tansypup

Product from: @wilderdog /

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