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Chuckit! Travel Dog Bed

I’ll start off by saying, we LOVE the Chuckit! Travel Dog Bed! With an active camping lifestyle, we always want to make sure Ellie & Atlas have a nice, comfortable bed to sleep on after a long day of hiking. Prior to using the Chuckit! bed, we had one knock-off brand travel bed, and a blanket. Once we opened up the Chuckit! bed, I knew we would have to get a second because our knock-off brand didn’t even compare at all.

Taking it out of the stuff sack it comes in, the bed puffed right up and was immediately ready for use. It didn’t even look like it’d been stored in a small stuff sack (as a side note, if you’re backpacking, we were able to easily put this bed into an even smaller stuff sack to save room, and the weight of it is around 1.4 lbs, which isn’t bad at all for a bed this size). The bed itself it comprised of a polyester/microfiber blend on top, which gives it a super soft suede feel, and a durable anti-rip nylon bottom to prevent rough surfaces from ruining it. The size is perfect for a dog ~40-60 lbs or less. It would be nice if they offered several sizes using the current one as a “medium” to help cater to smaller or larger pups; a dog the size of a Mastiff or Great Dane definitely wouldn’t fit, and a pup the size of a Yorkshire Terrier would have so much extra room!

We took the bed on its maiden voyage through 3 days of camping, mud, rocks, grass, and wet, stinky dog… and needless to say we were thoroughly impressed. The Chuckit! bed held up, while our knock-off brand bed will be hitting the trash soon after just a few uses. Our campsite had just a little bit of grass off to this side, with the majority of it being dirt/rocks/roots, and we were right on the edge of a half-barren lake, which was an excellent opportunity to introduce some mud & water to the mix.


Photo credit: IG @expeditionhusky

During the day we leave the beds out if we’re at camp, and at night they get moved into our tent with us, and we immediately ran into a problem: Ellie & Atlas kept trying to claim the Chuckit! bed as their own, and had zero intention of sleeping on the knock-off brand one! That solidified our want to get a second Chuckit! bed. Even more-so because Ellie is pretty picky about what surface she sleeps on… if it’s not good enough for her, she’d rather sleep in the dirt (princess, much?). The bed was on root-filled, rock-covered ground during the day, and both dogs were more than comfortable sleeping on it and the bottom showed no sign of wear after being used. At night, the temperatures were close to 40°F (~4.5°C), and Ellie & Atlas were able to stay nice & warm on the bed; typically they try to crawl in with us if they get too chilly.

Several times while camping we went out onto the lake and both dogs came back totally soaked and covered in mud. While the bed took on its fair share of dirt and moisture, it dried before I could even blink twice, and the hair and dirt fell right off with a quick shake. We threw it in the wash when we got back home and were also pleasantly surprised to find that the stuffing inside didn’t clump at all. Not only that, but the stinky lake water smell was completely gone, unlike our knock-off brand one which has held onto its smell since the first dirty dog incident and is basically one giant clump after being washed.


Photo credit: IG @expeditionhusky

I can say for sure this bed will replace our old one, and we’ll be getting a second one to allow both Ellie & Atlas to have a comfortable place to sleep to while camping. If you’re looking for a durable, comfortable bed for your beloved adventure pup, I strongly recommend looking into the Chuckit! Travel Bed. Even if you’re looking for a low-maintenance dog bed to use in your home, on your couch, or on your bed, this is the way to go. Your dog will thank you for it!

Review by: IG Trail Tester @expeditionhusky

Feature photo credit: IG @expeditionhusky

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