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Petoji 6 ft Adventure Leash

After hiking using the Petoji 6 ft Adventure Leash, I can confidently say we will never go back to using a rope leash.  Our adventures left our rope leashes faded, smelly, falling apart and our hands in tatters after long days. The Petoji leash by comparison has stayed strong, clean and has left us with happy hands after every use.

The Petoji leash is made of a durable waterproof, dirt proof, no stink material that is washable.  It is a 6 ft length and 3/4 inch width fitted with rust free hardware and an auto-lock carabiner.  Petoji has rated it as suitable for dogs 20 lbs to 120 lbs.

One of the leash’s best features is its ability to connect the user with a dog’s movement at the end of the leash more sensitively. It’s light, soft, responsive and surprisingly easy to keep a tight grip on. It withstands even the strongest pulling and helps to increase awareness of your dogs on-leash behaviours. Reggie weighs in at 80lbs and is built like a linebacker. His strength paired with his high prey drive means we need a responsive leash we can keep a tight grip on if need be.

It’s refreshing to come home from challenging training walks or hikes into the alpine without rope burn or sore, chaffed hands. The leash has become an integral part of our training regimen by allowing us to have more sensitive contact with Reggie’s harness and interpret what he is doing at the end of the leash more quickly. This allows us to mark and reward desired behaviours instantly and we have seen great improvements in his understanding of loose leash walking since acquiring the Adventure Leash.

We’ve put the product to the test in lake water, snow, rain, mud and sun and it shows no signs of wear and tear after several weeks of heavy use. Although the leash does tend to be slightly slippery when wet, it is easily and quickly wiped dry.

Our lifestyle requires tough products to keep up. If you’re looking for a leash that will hold up to a strong, energetic adventure dog, we suggest you give Petoji’s leash a try.  We give the product the highest scores for durability, comfort, style and responsiveness.  Whether we’re exploring in the mountains or working on training drills in high-distraction urban environments, this leash has been nothing short of outstanding.

Review by: IG Trail Tester @reggieandthecats

Photo credit: IG @reggieandthecats / @alliekatphoto

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