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Kurgo Go Stuff It Dog Treat Bag

The pouch is made of lightweight, durable material and the seams are double stitched for added toughness and features a reflective strip of fabric for nighttime safety. It has a large treat compartment that closes with a drawstring and a very handy back pocket which is holds a surprising amount of stuff given the deceivingly small outward appearance of the pouch.  It’s very handy for keeping clean poop bags and keys. It’s also the perfect size to carry a little bit of cash, ID or a debit or credit card. This is especially useful in hiking situations where it’s important to carry ID but not convenient to bring a wallet along.

While the pouch does offer the option of either using a belt clip or a carabineer for carrying, we haven’t had much luck with the belt clip. It pops off the bag really easily and puts you at risk of losing the bag without noticing. This happened a couple of times leading us to trace our steps back to try and find the bag. My suggestion would be to just use the carabineer and forget about the belt clip altogether. It’s not worth the hassle of having to retrace your steps on a challenging hike.

The carabineer that came with the pouch is holding up okay for now but it is fairly small and light and is already showing signs of wear and tear after a couple months of use.  I will likely be replacing the carabineer that came with the pouch with something a little more heavy duty in the future.

The bag is also only water resistant at best. It performs well in light rain and snow but doesn’t handle heavy rain well. We tested it out during a big rainstorm on a recent trip to the west coast and ended up with a bit of a swampy mess inside the bag after only a short half-hour walk. It would be really useful if the pouch came with a rain cover for use during heavy precipitation. As all-weather hikers, it would be nice to have an option to protect the bag from adverse weather conditions especially on multi-day trips where there may not be an opportunity to dry the bag out.

Overall, a useful product that has been a great addition to our daily walks and hikes.  It has made our training sessions infinitely easier by allowing us to have easy access to rewards and we’ve seen some huge improvements in our loose leash walking since starting to use the pouch. If you’re currently still carrying treats in your pocket for training, I would strongly advise you get a treat pouch instead and the Kurgo Go Stuff It Bag is an excellent choice. Aside from a few minor design related issues, it’s a great product and we will continue to use it for many adventures and walks to come.

Review by: IG Trail Tester @reggieandthecats

Feature photo credit: IG @reggieandthecats / @alliekatphoto

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