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Wolf Republic Ranger Pack

This summer has been full of backpacking adventures, and we’ve really put the Wolf Republic Ranger Pack through the ringer. Breezy can be quite rough on her gear, especially on backpacks, so I was excited to try this durable, slim fitting pack to help split the load on our weekend trips. We took this pack on three backpacking trips and two day hikes over the course of a few months. Happy to report, despite Breezy’s best off trail shenanigans, its still looking brand new, and stunning.

The sizing on this pack is quite versatile, and Breezy actually fits both the Small and Medium size packs. I ended up choosing the small for her, because the saddle bags had ample enough space, and the medium was quite a bit heavier. Size small is intended for dogs with a 11-20″ girth weighing 15-30 lbs. The saddle bags are 8.5″x5″x3″ each which is more than enough space for what Breezy typically carries while backpacking. It weighs 0.85 lbs, which is slightly above average for a pack of this size. I try to keep Breezy’s pack as light as possible, so I might not choose this pack for super long backpacking trips. But for a weekend adventure or day hike, it is just perfect!

Photo credit: Julianne Dome @breeze.e.bear

This pack is stitched together as one piece which personally, I’m a big fan of. I have a hard time adjusting all the straps necessary on other packs when the bags are removable, and have had issues with the saddle bags bouncing around quite a lot with movement, in addition to getting stuck on twigs and bushes. The bags on this pack sit particularly high and very tight on the body, which creates a nice slim profile. The outer flaps have a magnetic metal buckle with a zipper underneath, ensuring the contents of the pack stay safely inside while protecting the metal zipper.

The pack has four points of adjustment, two straps that wrap under the belly, and two on the chest. The front belly strap hooks through a loop on the chest strap to keep the pack from shifting around with movement. This “hook through” loop is a nice touch for dogs who don’t like their feet manipulated, as it can be hooked through behind the legs after putting the pack on. No leg lifts required! The pack is also fitted with two leash attachment points, one on the back and one on the chest, and a really nice padded handle to help your dog navigate tricky obstacles.

Photo credit: Julianne Dome @breeze.e.bear

The materials on this pack are very high quality and the most durable of any pack I’ve tried. The bulk of the pack is made out of thick canvas, with leather and metal accents. The straps are wide (1″ and 3/4″ on the size Small) and buckles are all plastic, in matching green to the straps and pack, which is a really lovely detail. One feature I would love to see implemented is some padding on these straps. Currently there isn’t any, and if your dog is prone to chafing, this may not be the pack for you. Padding on the straps would also help cushion them more, leading to a more comfortable snug fit. The very top of the pack is mesh, but also contains the handle, which covers most of the mesh. Being canvas, this bag not water resistant, nor does it provide any reflectivity for night or early morning adventuring. Overall, the aesthetic of this pack is super slick and carefully designed, but adding a water resistant coating and some reflective piping would make it a little more versatile.

Photo credit: Julianne Dome @breeze.e.bear

The biggest problem I initially had with this pack was balancing the weight properly. Until I got everything sitting in the saddle bags just right the pack tended to shift to one side or the other. This was pretty frustrating at first but once I found the right arrangement, the pack did not shift once, and I was very pleased with that. While Breezy’s body type and gait factor in to the shifting, it is also partially attributable to the design of the pack. As the pack sits high on the shoulders instead of on the ribs it creates a thinner balance point which leads to more shifting until the pack is properly weighted. Larger dogs may not experience the same issues we did as larger saddle bags are likely easier to balance.

I would argue that the Ranger Pack is one of the best looking dog backpacks on the market. The army green canvas with leather and metal accents is just gorgeous in any environment. As someone who likes photographing my dog in the outdoors, it has been such a treat enjoying both the look of this pack and also the functionality. If your priorities are durability, aesthetics, and a slim profile, this may be the perfect pack for you!

Photo credit: Julianne Dome @breeze.e.bear

The Wolf Republic Ranger Pack would work best for: day hikes, urban
excursions, weekend backpacking trips

The Wolf Republic Ranger Pack might not be ideal for: trips in adverse weather, longer backpacking trips (bigger dogs would likely be okay for longer treks), dogs prone to chafing around straps

Breezy’s Measurements: Girth 21″ / Back Length 16″ / Weight 22 lbs

Wolf Republic Ranger Pack size: Small

Review by: Dogs That Hike Explorer @breeze.e.bear

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