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P.L.A.Y. Tug Rope Toy

Let’s talk about toys! Like many dog owners our dogs have an array of different toys. There are some that last a minute and some that last a year. When selecting toys for our dogs there are several factors that I consider, the main ones being: price, durability/longevity, level of interest and safety. When put to the test, the P.L.A.Y. Tug Rope Toy impressed on all accounts.

Photo credit: @thenortherndogs

We tested the Large (~15″x2″) Tug toy with River and Rain over a period of four months. During which, the tug experienced heavy stationary chewing sessions and rambunctious playtime indoors, as well as coming along with us on trips to the dog park (which consists of grass, dirt and paved surfaces) and under went countless battles of keep-away, fetch, tug-of-war and “how deep can I bury this?”.  Since our dogs aren’t bothered by any type of weather, this tug was tested in just about every kind; from snow to rain, from sand to mud it has seen it all.

I was a little wary about using the tug outdoors because our experience with other rope toys has been up and down, outdoors or not. It’s safe to say though we’ve been on weekend camping trips with the P.L.A.Y. Tug Rope Toy laying in the dirt and after our first muddy excursion I was happy to discover that this toy is 100% machine washable, making clean up a breeze. Saturated in saliva or covered in dirt, into the washer and good as new, although due to the thickness of the rope it takes quite some time to dry.

Photo credit: @thenortherndogs

As mentioned before, we put this toy to the test in a lot of different situations, mostly playtime. River and Rain definitely play tug of war the most, (and this toy is practically made for that), but they also like to lay down and just chomp on toys for a while. The P.L.A.Y. Tug Rope Toy is made of a woven cotton, but don’t let “cotton” fool you, it didn’t fool River or Rain. They would lie down chomping on the rope for a solid ten or more minutes at a time and it has barely frayed over four months of consistent use. The lifetime of this rope toy is incomparable to others! There are absolutely no ends of rope exposed for your dog to chew on. The ergonomic design made to tug is another factor in this toy’s lifetime.

Moving on from the design, there is only one down fall of the P.L.A.Y. Tug Rope Toy, and it is (sadly) that it only comes in one colour. However! The colour that P.L.A.Y. decided to go with is pretty smart because the earthy brown base and bright orange specks makes it stand out, yet not show any dirt or stains. Although this toy is only offered in one colour option there are two sizes to choose from, suitable for big and small dogs. After the overall amazing experience we’ve had with this toy, I could not be more satisfied with the low price. I can honestly admit that I’ve paid a higher price for toys that have last half as long as this (still living) rope toy.

Photo credit: @thenortherndogs

I don’t think much more needs to be said about how outstanding this toy is to me. It outperformed my expectations and it will continue to be a daily toy that River and Rain pull out of the toy box. Any dog that comes over for a visit enjoys it as well, and it will definitely be recommended to all of our friends.

This product would work best for: Dogs of all sizes, and definitely works best when two dogs are having a blast; tug of war, enough said; take it outside, get it muddy and just wash it and use it again inside

This product wouldn’t work for: Dogs who don’t enjoy throwing toys around (lol); bringing into your tent after being on the dirty ground, just wash it when you go home; people who don’t want to have to wash their toys

Review by: Dogs That Hike Trail Tester @thenortherndogs

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